Teeth Stain Removal

Teeth Stain Removal in Cheltenham, we'd love to help

Wish for beautiful clean teeth, but suffer from staining which leaves you embarrassed to smile?

The solution is our airflow / air abrasion hygiene treatment.

We all like to treat ourselves occasionally to things which may be bad for our teeth: a glass of red wine, tea, coffee and maybe even a cigarette. Such indulgences shouldn’t mean that you must live with stained or marked teeth.

Airflow hygiene was created to get rid of such staining from your teeth. And the hygienist does not even need to reach for the dental drill. The treatment leaves you with a significant reduction or even total clearing of the staining. You get a clean and sometimes even whiter finish.

The air abrasion technique combines a jet of water with air and a very fine abrasion powder which carefully removes the staining from the teeth. Because drills are not used, the technique causes no pain and is finished within about 45 minutes.

Patients typically then go on to a teeth whitening treatment which we offer. It is great for bringing the natural sparkle back to your smile.

Combining these treatments is a cost-effective way, to get a brilliant smile makeover.

More about Teeth Stain Removal

Airflow hygiene is amazing if your teeth are stained or marked from your favourites like tea, coffee, red wine and curry. The airflow system fires a mix of air, water and abrasion powder at the stains on the surface of the teeth. It leaves you with a natural, clean looking smile.

For airflow hygiene, we book a regular 45-minute hygienist appointment for you. The hygienist begins by removing any plaque build-up which has developed between your teeth or behind them. Next they’ll clean the surface of your teeth and the more difficult places to reach with the airflow system. You will find the whole process is normally pain free.

Patients often remark that their teeth seem whiter. That said, airflow isn’t a tooth whitening treatment. Patients find that for the optimal result they opt for airflow before having a tooth whitening treatment. For this reason we routinely offer them in a discounted package deal.

Unless you count getting a little bit wet as a negative (because of the air and water combination) then not really. But don’t worry, our team know what they are doing and will minimise splashing.

"I Love my New Smile!"

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