Emily Ch’ng


Emily Ch'ng - Hygienist Claydon Dental Cheltenham

Emily qualified as a dental hygienist in 2003  from the University of Wales, College of Medicine, Cardiff and has worked in a variety of settings ranging  from that of hospital to private practice .  She has gained much experience in treating more severe gum disease over the duration of her career by liaising with periodontists regards her own patient cases and keeping up to date with the latest recommendations by attending regular seminars in order that her patients can benefit from the newest and most proven treatments.

Emily is passionate about preventing and treating gum disease and thoroughly enjoys seeing her patients transform as they become suitable candidates for both implants and any other necessary restorative work.   She feels it is also important to recognize the long term benefits a healthy mouth can bring as the evidence grows regarding links between gum disease and systemic illness such as diabetes, alzheimers, and heart disease.

Emily loves meeting people from all backgrounds and learning about influences that have shaped them.  As a musician,  Emily appreciates a diverse range of music and can usually be found attending live music events whenever possible.  Having grown up on the South coast, she has a natural affinity with the water and tennis courts.