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Composite Fillings

So many people have fillings nowadays. But with our pictures being taken all the time we are far more particular about our appearance, especially our smiles. Fortunately, there is an inconspicuous alternative to metal fillings. It is called the composite filling.


Composite fillings are tooth-coloured resins made of plastic and filled with glass (silicon dioxide). Composite fillings were first used in the 1960s when they were only available for teeth at the front of the mouth as they were relatively soft. Fast-forward to today and their formulation has been refined to make them suitable for all teeth.

Composite fillings take about 20 minutes more to place than traditional ones. The NHS do not pay for them as they are deemed a cosmetic treatment. But they are available privately.


What most appeals about composite fillings are their aesthetics. They look fantastic, hiding the fact that you’ve undergone dental treatment.

In the past, the main factor against composite fillings was their lifespan. White fillings were known not to last as long as silver amalgam fillings. However, the creation of new materials puts composite fillings on a par with silver amalgam, making them a popular choice.

How long a composite filling lasts comes down to cavity depth and where it is in your mouth. We can give you guidelines of prospective composite filling lifespans.

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