Private Dentistry Vs the NHS

Private dentistry vs the NHS

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A common question in dentistry is: “Why pay to see a private dentist when you can receive NHS dentistry for less?”.

Before we decide if this is a valid question we should first make sure we are comparing the same types of service. Dentistry is one word to describe many different treatments.

Let’s have a look at some of the differences between private dentistry and NHS dentistry.

Choice of dental treatment options

NHS dentistry has three pricing tiers, and they cover various restorative treatments such as fillings, bridges, crowns and dentures. However, the options offered for these treatments via NHS dentistry are restricted. Dental fillings are often limited to the old-style dark fillings, with many practices trying to up-sell white versions, even though they should be covered at their standard fee.

Veneers and crowns are offered. However, the more favoured treatment of dental implants is generally not included, and patients still need to pay for a private dentist to carry out this work.

Although braces may be available, you will be unable to access Invisalign Clear Orthodontic Aligners. These clear alternatives to braces allow patients to share their smile with the world throughout their treatment.

When we compare this to the service we offer at Claydon Dental, we are clearly in a different league. We take our clients dental care seriously and make sure we offer a full range of the latest dental treatments and options. All of our dentists enrol in our further learning program that continues to build their skill levels, as well as knowledge of new dental techniques.

Having access to so many more options ensures you receive the best dental care available. Rather than offer you a treatment from a small limited list, we offer you a wide selection. This ensures you get the best treatment for your dental health.

Nobody likes to rush

NHS dentistry generally has very tight time slots that dentists need to stick to. The practice will make its money based on the volume of people it can see, rather than the quality of work it carries out. Due to this, appointments can feel rushed and leave you wondering, “Are my teeth really ok, or is the dentist simply trying to catch up with his day and get to the next patient?”.

At Claydon Dental we like to take our time, there is no rush, no panic; just calm, high-quality dentistry.

Our dentists spend time with you and go into depth regarding any issues you may be concerned about. To help them to do this, our practice manager allows much more time per patient. We use the latest intra-oral cameras to show you the inside of your mouth, allowing you to see a dentist’s eye view of your dental hygiene.

At Claydon Dental, time really is on your side and you can leave our surgery knowing that your dental health is being well taken care of.

Does the environment reflect quality?

When looking for any other type of service, we make our first impressions based on the environment around us. A restaurant that has old, outdated furniture may not be our first choice. A hotel that doesn’t cater to the guest experience might be one to stay away from. However, in dentistry, patients still go to outdated, uninspiring dental practices and don’t think to question it.

Claydon Dental Cheltenham ReceptionThis is a real shame as many dentists have got away with not investing in the patient experience. They have lost sight of making your visit as comfortable as possible. Old plastic chairs in reception with tattered magazines is what many patients have come to expect.

At Claydon Dental, we place the patient experience as one of our top priorities. We invest in comfortable and inspiration dental practices that make you feel relaxed as soon as you arrive.

We use the best and most up-to-date dental technology to ensure you are receiving the best care possible, and that your experience with us is the best it can be.

All this does come at a cost. However, we are proud to offer the best and not the cheapest dentistry and like most other things in life, you get what you pay for.