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Dental Price List in Cheltenham, we'd love to help

We try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to the cost of treatment which is why we are happy to publish our prices for you to see before you decide to make an appointment with us.

The prices below are guidelines only. As each case is different prices may be slightly higher for more complex cases, however, if the treatment we recommend differs from the published prices we will explain this to you in detail before you choose to proceed with treatment.

We also offer finance options so please ask your dentist for details.


50 Minutes

From £65.00

0-5 Years

From £25.00

5-18 years

From £45.00

(usually six monthly)

From £48.00

(Free for 0-5 years)

From £25.00
Radiographs From £14.00


From £14.00

No need to sign-up as new patient (may require more than one visit)

From £80.00

20 minutes

From £40.00

30 minutes

From £68.00

40 minutes

From £80.00
From £80.00

White coloured fillings. Cost dependant of how many surfaces and size of tooth- Treatment plan provided with cost before treatment carried out.

From £80.00
Root Fillings From £600.00


From £600.00
Inlays From £484.00


From £484.00
Crowns From £660.00

Dependant on material used, can vary, from Porcelain, Gold, Zirconia

From £660.00
Bridges From £550.00

Price per unit

From £550.00
Veneers From £550.00
From £550.00
Acrylic Dentures From £700.00
From £700.00
From £1000.00
From £299.00
From £759.00
Occlusal splints From £180.00
From £180.00
Mouthguards From £90.00
From £90.00
Invisalign From £1500.00


From £1500.00

"I Love my New Smile!"

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