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Our Prices

We are pleased to publish our prices to help you understand how much our high-quality treatments cost when you book an appointment with us.

Because everyone is different, please take these as guideline prices. For more complex cases, our prices may be slightly higher. But we will always explain the differentials to you before you proceed if the treatment we advise varies from the published prices.

To offer you maximum assistance we can provide interest-free finance options. If you would like to explore these, just ask.

Interest free payment plans

TreatmentPrice’s From

New Patient Consultation

(50 mins)


New Patient Child

0-5 years


New Patient Child

5-18 years


Routine Adult Examinations

(usually six monthly)


Routine Child Examinations

(Free 0-5)




£ 12.00 each

Direct Access Dental Hygiene Appointment


Simple Scale & Polish

£40.00 (20 mins)

£65.00 (30 mins)


£80.00 (40 mins)

Periodontal Treatment£80.00

Composite Fillings


 (Dependant of how many surfaces and size of tooth- Treatment plan provided with cost before treatment carried out)
Root Fillings£600.00
 (Dependant on material used, can vary, from Porcelain, Gold, Zirconia)
Bridges£550.00 per unit
Acrylic Dentures£700.00
Cobalt Chrome Dentures£1000.00
Tooth WhiteningPhilips Zoom! – £359
 Enlighten – £754
Occlusal splints£180.00


InvisalignFrom £22.00 Per Month
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