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New Patients

We love welcoming new patients to our dental surgery. We understand that patients feel the best way to ascertain if a dentist is right for them is to give them a try.

So we’d like to offer you, as a new patient, a complimentary 30-minute hygiene appointment when you book a new patient consultation £65.

This gives you the chance to meet one of our dentists and also a hygienist when you have the treatment from them. Then you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether to stay with us.

Call us today on 01242 242 366 to book your new patient consultation and complimentary hygiene appointment. There’s no obligation.

Prefer to email? Send your enquiry to and we’ll be more than happy to get back to you.

More about your new patient consultation

Everyone begins with a new patient consultation. It gives you the chance to check us out and we can assess your dental needs.

During the consultation, We’ll ask you some questions about your oral and general health. You’ll have the chance to discuss anything that is troubling you about your dental health.

We will, of course, examine the inside of your mouth, carrying out a first inspection of your gums and teeth. We invest in the latest technology and so, if you wish, we can display a live feed from inside your mouth using a minute intra-oral camera. This is shown on a ceiling-mounted monitor. We find this visual approach very helpful for our patients in understanding any issues that they have in their mouth.

After your new patient consultation, you get the chance to discuss the findings with your dentist and listen to their recommendations. There is no obligation to opt for further treatment with us. You can weigh up any procedures you’d like to go ahead with at your own leisure.

There is no need to worry if you haven’t seen a dentist for a long while. You are certainly not the first person to be in this situation. We want to help you establish good oral health for the future, so we will definitely not be lecturing you about the past.

Last but not least, if you feel underlying nerves about a trip to the dentist, please don’t. Everything we do is geared towards making you feel comfortable, especially in this new patient consultation. We just want to get you used to the practice and familiar with our staff. If you want to keep it short and sweet, your complimentary hygiene appointment can be booked for another day. This means that no treatment will be undertaken on your first visit. So take it easy, and we’ll show you dentistry as it should be.

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