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Giving back with the Goedgedacht Trust, Ethan McAleer and Claydon Dental

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Dear Patient, 

Goedgedacht TrustMy name is Ethan McAleer. I’m in year 8 at school and together with my friends, I will be travelling to South Africa in July on a cultural tour. As part of the tour, we will spend time with the Goedgedacht Trust, a charity that looks after the health and educational welfare of children in impoverished rural communities. When planning the trip we were informed about the kind of things the children there need and are in short supply. One of the items on the list caught my attention, the simple toothbrush!

I thought I should ask my Dad, Dr Gareth McAleer, as I guessed he might know about toothbrushes. He said there’s no point giving kids a single toothbrush as they need to have a continuous supply of brushes to make the project have any meaningful impact. 

We asked the teams from all Claydon Dental practices if would they would help out and I am really happy to say, they were excited to be a part of it. The practices will kindly be funding a consignment of brushes but also thought their patients might like to get involved saying “We have a great bunch of patients, perhaps they would like to donate!”.

GOEDGEDACHT-TRUST logoSo here’s the pitch!

I want to help the children to look after themselves, if they have toothbrushes and toothpaste this will help prevent gum disease, tooth decay and other major diseases. The charity helps children in rural areas to become healthy, confident and educated. Most importantly, I want to help to bring a smile to their faces. We can help to provide this through the ongoing support of Claydon Dental and their patients!

Thank you for your interest your donation would be so appreciated. 

Ethan McAleer 

For more information on the Goedgedacht Trust or to find more ways to help their causes please visit their website at www.goedgedacht.org

To help raise funds for the Goedgedacht Trust please contact our practice directly or visit our practice where you will find a donation bin available.