Dental Crown

Dental Crown in Cheltenham, we can help

Do you suffer from a damaged tooth which affects your smile or the way you eat?

If so, then a dental crown could be the right solution for you.

A crown is a cap which tops a tooth and is secured with dental adhesive.

Crowns have several uses: as shielding for fractured or badly decayed teeth, to permanently restore teeth with large fillings, or to fix small problems in original teeth such as spacing, irregular shape or heavy discolouration.

More about Dental Crown

Your own circumstances and tooth condition will dictate what treatments are available to you. Here are some other options to a dental crown:

Dental veneers – Like crowns, veneers are made of porcelain and put on the tooth. However, rather than being fitted all around the tooth as dental crowns are, a veneer is only fitted to the front. They are made from a very thin layer of porcelain. They are a good solution if you have a small chip in a tooth or you wish to fill an unwanted gap.

Dental fillings – The purpose of a filling is to fill a cavity (a hole) in the tooth. Sometimes they are more appropriate than a dental crown.

Your tooth and the surrounding area are made numb prior to the fitting of your dental crown. The anaesthetic ensures there is no pain at all during the procedure. After the anaesthesia wears off some people experience soreness and sensitivity as the gums repair themselves. This is perfectly normal and is nothing to be concerned with.

Your dental crown’s longevity will depend on your lifestyle. But as a guide, a dental crown would be expected to last anywhere between 15 to 30 years.

If it is a more permanent option you are looking for, a dental implant is something to think about.

Once your tooth and surrounding area have been numbed with anaesthetic, your dentist will prepare it to receive the dental crown. This is achieved by carefully shaping the tooth so that it will connect well with the new dental crown. After preparation is complete, a special bonding agent is used to seal the dental crown around the tooth.

You can probably imagine that each case is unique. The total price will reflect the level of preparation work required. At Claydon Dental, you will receive a full dental consultation where we examine the area affected and recommend the treatment options which would be available to you. Once this is done we can detail all of the costs that you would incur.

Dental Crown - The Process

Step 1

Dental Examination

You start with a dental examination and x-ray so that we can take a closer look at the relevant tooth. We will devise a treatment plan that outlines the options available to you, which may include a dental crown or perhaps even a denture or dental implant.

You can then reflect on these options in your own time.

Step 1

Step 2

Dental Crown Preparation

In a one-hour appointment, your tooth that the dental crown will be fitted to will be prepared by the dentist. They do this by gently shaping it to make a good connection with your new dental crown.

While you wait for the dental crown to be crafted, we can insert a temporary dental crown for you. This will help you with eating until the final dental crown is ready.

Step 2

Step 3

Dental Crown Fitting

When your final dental crown is fully made, we will make a 30-minute appointment for you to return and have the new dental crown fitted.

Step 3

Dental Crown & Bridge Examples

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