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If you wish to straighten your teeth, Invisalign® is a beautiful option. Its clear-brace approach makes it sought-after around the world as a discreet way to straighten your teeth.  Claydon Dental in Cheltenham are a Platinum Elite provider of Invisalign. We specialise in putting a happy smile on the face of our patients without tell-tale “train track” braces.

Invisalign deploys see-through, plastic aligners to gradually straighten your teeth. Because they are clear it reduces any feelings of self-consciousness that more visible traditional braces leave you with. And instead you’ll gain a smile you’ll want everyone to see.

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Invisalign Questions?

The time that Invisalign treatment takes to work depends on how much movement you require.

The simplest cases may only require 14 weeks. When your treatment needs increased movement, it could take up to 18 months.

We can tell you how long Invisalign treatment will take specifically for you, based on the number of aligners needed, when you have had your Clincheck® appointment with us.

There are three levels of Invisalign treatment and the one that is right for you will largely determine the charges:

Invisalign i7 cheltenham

Invisalign i7 is the simplest Invisalign treatment. It is normally appropriate if you only need a little movement. The name i7 comes from the fact you are given seven sets of aligners to finish the treatment.

invisalign lite cheltenham

Invisalign lite is for those mid-range cases in which moderate movement is necessary for your teeth. As this is a step up from i7, your treatment extends to 14 sets of aligners when on the Invisalign lite programme.

invisalign full cheltenham

Invisalign full was the first Invisalign treatment which was created for major teeth-straightening cases. This treatment is tailored to you so there isn’t a fixed number of aligners. Therefore, you can keep making adjustments until your teeth are just how you want them.

Look out for our payment plan illustrations lower down the page or or click here to go directly there.

Invisalign clear braces - cheltenham

Yes. Invisalign uses a discreet clear-brace system to help you achieve the attractive, straight teeth you always wanted. This innovative ‘invisible brace’ treatment has worked for millions of adult patients around the world, helping them get that smile to be proud of.

If you are looking for a discreet, comfortable and fast way to straighten your teeth, Invisalign is perfect.

For adults and teenagers seeking an improved smile without drawing attention to the fact they are having dental treatment it is such a popular option.

Sometimes, we see adult patients who choose Invisalign after the teeth straightening of their youth has relapsed. And other times adults come to us having always wanted their teeth straightened, but never previously had the opportunity. Whether that be because of the old style of brace, treatment times or price. Invisalign is their way forward.

Because of their close fit, Invisalign braces are comfortable to wear. There is no unsightly metal to cause irritation, so you can get on with your day-to-day life without much effect on your smile or your speech.

Invisalign is the modern method of having your teeth straightened. Medical-grade plastic is used to tailor make your aligners which means they are lightweight and nearly invisible. They are durable too and are not susceptible to stains or smells, so won’t suffer from discolouration.

Better still, it’s easy to care for your teeth whilst wearing them. At mealtimes or when brushing your teeth they are easy to remove.

If required, you can take your Invisalign braces out for periods of a few hours too. Say you are going for a job interview, a first date or are a guest at a wedding, it’s fine to remove them as long, overall, you are dedicated to wearing them throughout the treatment. They really are very convenient.

Yes, it does. We’ve invested in the latest technology so we can offer you Clincheck® which uses 3D modelling so we can map out your treatment on a monitor before we get to work. All it takes are some impressions of your teeth!

Armed with the data this gives us, we can create your full set of aligners at the start of the treatment. We’ll look after them all until you are ready to use them.

Every fortnight, you pick up a new set to wear for the next two weeks. At these brief visits, you leave the used aligner with us and leave with the next one. Step by step, over the course of several months, your teeth move to the desired position, to create the smile you have always wanted.

In contrast to the traditional fixed-braced solution, it’s not necessary to book long fitting appointments. And there is no need for regular check-ups or tightening appointments. It is so much more hygienic, convenient, and comfortable.

Treatment length and expense is in many cases reduced as it’s all mapped out up front. This is another reason to choose Invisalign. Everyone is different and the procedure can last between six and 24 months. For most people it takes between 12 to 18 months.

Before treatment starts, we’ll thoroughly examine your teeth and gums. We must check they’re in good condition and will move safely. Therefore, x-rays and photographs may need to be taken.

We’ll take impressions of your teeth at the same time so that we can design your plan of treatment. While you are in for this, we can talk about your anticipated treatment costs and length. We will show you your teeth on a screen so you can understand how they look at the start, how we expect them to move and what the finished result will look like.

Your tailor-made aligners will be produced and shipped to our surgery.

Once your first aligner is ready to be picked up, we’ll teach you how it works, and how to care for it at home. You should keep it fitted for as long as you can every day to achieve the best results (22 hours per day minimum). Every two weeks, visit us to drop off the old aligner and collect the new one.

You should make appointments every few months to have your teeth’s movement and overall health checked out.

When the procedure is complete, you’ll get a set of retainers to keep your new smile in great shape.

Yes, we can provide you with Invisalign in Cheltenham. Our advanced dental practice is on Rodney Road in Cheltenham (behind Regent Arcade) with some free parking available.

Don't settle for a clinical waiting room for your Dental Implants abroad when you could be comfortable in our Claydon Dental Cheltenham practice

Invisalign at Claydon Dental

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Our Invisalign Team

Claydon Dental Cheltenham Invisalign specialist team

You might think that you’ll get the same result with Invisalign, whoever you use to carry-out the procedure. However, this cannot be taken for granted. While the retainers and before and after visuals are provided by Invisalign, the quality of the fitting and adjustment relies upon the skill of the Invisalign dentist you choose.

So it is sensible to find an experienced Invisalign dentist to undertake your Invisalign procedure. As a Platinum Plus provider of Invisalign in Cheltenham we’ve performed hundreds of cases. We look after patients from the areas surrounding Cheltenham like Gloucester, Prestbury and Tewkesbury, and we’re delighted to now be the premier provider of Invisalign in Gloucestershire.

  • review rating 5  I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Claydon Dental. The service is second to none and they have worked wonders with my teeth too. I have received so many compliments and couldn't be happier with both the results and the experience.

    thumb Ellie Mainwaring

    review rating 5  There’s no need to fear dentists when visiting Claydon Dental. The team are extremely friendly and carry out their services with care and attention. You’ll feel very relaxed in the chair. So far my Invisalign treatment is going very well and I ant wait to see the end result. Top practice!

    thumb Ben Colabella
  • review rating 5  Claydon Dental clinicians Jose and Chloe were very professional and always make it a pleasant experience. They always do excellent work!!

    thumb Colleen M Powell

    review rating 5  Recently joined with the practice and cannot recommend it enough! The staff here are amazing, and really easy to talk to. Very impressed with the technology being used and the detailed information provided, I have a much better understanding about the state of my teeth and what potentially I can do to improve on them. Lastly the practice itself is stunning, love the decor!

    thumb HarshawnG .
  • review rating 5  I have been with Claydon Dental now for 11month .I went for a consultation for implants which I have had done also crowns.I am over the moon with the result, every thing is perfect. The staff were amazing and very Friendly .From start to finish the Treatment was Painless .The Care i have received from the staff has ment so much to me that I have decided to stay with the Practice . I cannot recommend Claydon Dental enough. Thay are Brilliant

    thumb Gill Freeman

    review rating 5  So pleased with my Invisalign treatment and results! Jose was a perfectionist and all the staff are professional and friendly! They know all their patients and make you feel really welcome. I will definitely be continuing to visit Claydon for all my check ups!

    thumb Hannah Street

Invisalign treatment prices

Invisalign i7

Ideal for smaller cases where the movement needed is minimal. Only 7 retainers are needed.
£ 22
  • 60 payments of only £22
  • 36 payments of only £35
  • 12 payments of only £92
  • Treatment Price: £1,500

Invisalign Lite

Ideal for mid sized cases where the movement needed is moderate. Only 14 retainers are needed.
£ 51
  • 60 payments of only £51
  • 36 payments of only £79
  • 12 payments of only £212
  • Treatment Price: £2,950

Invisalign Full

The original Invisalign treatment that has no limits on the amount of retainers needed.
£ 66
  • 60 payments of only £66
  • 36 payments of only £101
  • 12 payments of only £271
  • Treatment Price: £3,650


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