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Dental Implants

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Dental Implants Cheltenham

If your smile causes you embarrassment, or you have unstable teeth, gum disease loss of bone, or dentures that frequently slip, we have a transformative treatment for you: Same-day dental implants.

Dental implants may just be that game-changing treatment you’ve been after. They are used to replaced loose teeth or ones which have already fallen out with a permanently fixed tooth. They can last a lifetime because they are fixed directly to the jawbone.

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Essential Dental Implant Q&A

If cared for, your dental implants should last as long as you do. Their success rate exceeds 97%.

To properly look after your dental implants you should care for them like they are real teeth. This means it’s sensible to see your dentist and hygienist regularly to help you keep them in good shape. Looking after them like this lessens the chance of you needing another replacement later in life.

Conversely, failure to care for dental implants appropriately can contribute to gum disease and other issues associated with poor dental hygiene – just like with natural teeth.

We are all different and respond to surgery in our own ways so it’s wise to select an experienced dental implant surgeon.

No, it is not necessary to replace all your teeth with dental implants. They are a flexible solution meaning that, if required, you can just switch a tooth or two. Alternatively, it is possible to substitute a complete lower or upper arch of teeth. For many dental patients, this is a very attractive selling point.

No, dental implants will not be suitable for everyone. But, if initially, they are not proceedable, we may be able to do some preparatory work to get you ready for them. Initially, we ’ll undertake a dental examination – taking appropriate scans and x-rays if necessary – to understand if dental implants are right for you. During this examination, we can assess your oral hygiene. It will allow us to identify whether there is sufficient jaw bone to fix the dental implant.

If there is insufficient bone in your jaw, we can normally prepare your jaw to still be able to take an implant.

Your gums and jaw must be in good condition prior to beginning dental implant treatment. Any case of gum disease may lead to an infection following the dental implant fitting. If your gums and jaws need it, we’ll advise a series of appointments with our hygienist before starting on dental implants.

A local anaesthetic is routine when having a dental implant procedure. This means you’ll be conscious but not feel pain. It is perfectly natural that you may feel anxious. In this case we’ll talk about your sedation options. It’s rare that you’d go under with a full general anaesthetic during dental implant treatment.

Once the dental implant surgery is complete, there may be some discomfort in the area for several days. Non-prescription painkillers will normally be all that’s needed to counter this. For more information talk to us or a pharmacist.

Dental Implant Surgeons

Our dental implant team is led by Jose Antonio Victoria Ortega who has a special interest in dental implants. Jose trained with renowned dental surgeon Prof. Tatum and was awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Oral Surgery and Implantology.  Implantology is one of Jose’s main professional interests

All Implant consultations and procedure take place at our state of the art in-house clinic in the heart of Cheltenham town centre on Rodney Road. Being very centrally located and with parking spaces directly in front of our practice the experience could not be smoother. 

  • review rating 5  I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Claydon Dental. The service is second to none and they have worked wonders with my teeth too. I have received so many compliments and couldn't be happier with both the results and the experience.

    thumb Ellie Mainwaring

    review rating 5  There’s no need to fear dentists when visiting Claydon Dental. The team are extremely friendly and carry out their services with care and attention. You’ll feel very relaxed in the chair. So far my Invisalign treatment is going very well and I ant wait to see the end result. Top practice!

    thumb Ben Colabella
  • review rating 5  Today was my first time visiting and I already can’t recommend Claydon Dental enough. The whole team are so welcoming. Julie (Practice Manager) is so lovely and puts you right at ease as soon as you walk in. Jose (Dentist) took the time to fully explain everything he was doing. He took photos and xrays which I could see on the screen. It was so reassuring and made the whole experience interesting. Unfortunately it became apparent previous dental care I received at another practice when I was younger was incorrect. Jose was so professional and did not criticise at all but explained everything and how it could all be corrected. The Dental Nurses (Meg and unfortunately I didn't catch the other lady’s name) were really great. I also had an appointment with Emma (Hygienist) who adopted the same approach and really explained everything she was doing and why. She let me know what I was doing right and how I can improve flossing etc. I could write an essay about how amazing this practice is. Thank you to your whole team and see you again in a few months!!

    thumb Lucy Hart

    review rating 5  I am not the best patient in the world, but going to Claydon Dental made me feel at ease, both Jose and his Nurse Chloe are very reassuring, the reception area is far from the feel and look of a Dental Practice you feel at ease from the moment you walk in. Well done Claydon Dental.

    thumb Julie King
  • review rating 5  Recently joined with the practice and cannot recommend it enough! The staff here are amazing, and really easy to talk to. Very impressed with the technology being used and the detailed information provided, I have a much better understanding about the state of my teeth and what potentially I can do to improve on them. Lastly the practice itself is stunning, love the decor!

    thumb HarshawnG .

    review rating 5  I can highly recommend the team at Claydon. Jose's expert dental skills have rescued my teeth for which I am very thankful. Jose always explains what he is about to do which is very reassuring. I am so pleased I found this surgery and have always received first class care from the entire team.

    thumb Deborah Petersen

Dental Implant Treatment Cost

Single Implant Cost

£ 42
  • 60 payments of only £42
  • 36 payments of only £65
  • 12 payments of only £174
  • Treatment Price: £2,500

Double Implant Cost

£ 62
  • 60 payments of only £62
  • 36 payments of only £96
  • 12 payments of only £258
  • Treatment Price: £3,500


We perform dental implant surgery and consultation from our modern dental theatre in Cheltenham

You will find us on Rodney Road, behind Regent Arcade.

Using the latest dental technology we’ll provide you with the best results. 

If you’d rather ask a question before booking, simply complete the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is not difficult to clean dental implants. We’ll offer you a comprehensive aftercare package to help you keep them in great condition. It is important you take care of them if they are to last.

Just as with natural teeth, brushing and flossing is important, backed up with appointments with our dental hygienist. We’ll normally book you in for a few visits to the hygienist after your dental implant surgery. We can remind you of these, so you don’t forget. It’s very good for helping you keep on top of your dental hygiene.

Yes, it is possible to get gum disease when you have a dental implant. Even though the implant is fixed within the gum, gum disease can still develop. But don’t worry, your gums should remain healthy as long as attend your hygienist visits and carry on with the aftercare regime.

No, it is not possible to take out dental implants as you would with false teeth because they are fixed permanently to your jaw. If an implant became damaged we can normally replace it quite easily without fixing a new abutment to your jaw.

If semi-permanent dentures (also called false teeth) are anchored with dental implants, these semi-permanent dentures may be able to be removed for cleaning.

One implant can replace one tooth like for like. If you have a number of teeth missing, you may have the option to have a dental bridge constructed to fill wider gaps which are anchored with dental implants. The advantage of this to you is that the overall cost of dental implants is lowered whilst similar looking results are achieved.

We will talk over what is available to you during your consultation.

If the jaw has been prepared correctly it would be rare that it rejects the dental implant. In this rare circumstance we would take out the implant and investigate why it was not accepted. Once we understand the cause, we can remedy it and carry out the procedure.

Implant failure is rare, but as it is possible it reinforces the need to choose an experienced specialist dental surgeon.

This is a natural question. First, you must understand that they are not a low-cost option.

Great skill is necessary to perform the surgery. Moreover, expensive equipment is required to do it properly – in fact, the state-of-the-art tech costs hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The price of one implant begins at £2,500. But from there, the cost per implant goes down. So don’t think you multiply the quantity of implants by £2,500 – a number of implants are less than what that would equal.

Various payment plan options are available with us so you don’t have to pay in one go.

We regularly fit dental bridges at Claydon Dental and they are a viable solution for many. In the case of dental bridges, they rely upon teeth either side of the gap acting as anchors. A little of each supporting tooth is taken away to do this.

You need to consider whether these supporting teeth are stable enough to do this job, especially as there are already issues in your mouth.

If instability is a problem, a dental implant will likely be a better solution. If the surrounding teeth are stable, a dental bridge is an option.

Yes. There are three Claydon Dental surgeries in the UK. As well as our surgery in Cheltenham, we have practices in Milton Keynes and Buckingham. For complex implant cases, we operate in a dental hospital facility in Oxford too.

With Claydon Dental, you are with experts. We have more than 25 years’ experience in dental implant procedures and have carried out hundreds of dental implant cases.

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