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Dentistry as it should be

Welcome to
Claydon Dental Cheltenham

Providing valuable employee benefits is quickly becoming a very important aspect with regards to employee retention and satisfaction. For only £10 per month employees can experience dentistry as it should be with Claydon Dental, an award-winning, spa-like dental practice based in the heart of Cheltenham.

Our motto is ‘Dentistry as it should be’ and our mission is to provide you and your staff with an entirely new dental experience at a price only available to your employees.

What does my plan include?

An initial comprehensive examination is required prior to signing up on corporate plan, this includes:

How much am I saving with
a Corporate Dental Plan?

Without Claydon Dental’s Corporate Dental Plan

Routine examination: £48
Routine hygiene: £65

2 examinations and hygiene appointments per year: £226

With Claydon Dental’s Corporate Dental Plan

Dental Plan Examination: Included
Dental Plan Hygiene: Included

Annual cost with corporate dental  plan: £120

Corporate Dental Plan members receive an annual Savings of £106 before taking advantage of the 10% discount available on other treatments.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or if you would like to sign up to our corporate employee dental plan please fill our the form below or contact us directly on or 01242 242 366 

Location is everything

With our town centre location on Rodney Road, just down the street from the brand new John Lewis, and limited free parking we are able to provide our patients with a perfect dental experience without leaving town allowing them to carry on with their day without any complications.

Examinations and Hygienes are to be performed at 6 month intervals.

Emergency Appointments are only available during normal surgery hours and additional treatment may require additional charges.

Discount on additional services is 10% unless otherwise stated.

Discount excludes the following specialist treatments:

– Invisalign, dental implants and specialist treatments.

– 3D X-rays (CBCT scans).

– Prolonged hygiene visits (treatment of gum disease)

– Air polishing with hygienist